Welcome to the Ecourse Domination - Services page. Here you will find everything you need to know about our specialised web and product image design services. If you have a question that isn't answered on this page please send me an email at Tim@EcourseDomination.com
Web Design & Development
Do you want to set up your online course on your own website but don't know where to start? Or maybe you've set up your website but it's just not working for you...

It's true, hiring a professional web designer can cost you thousands, not to mention the ongoing hosting fees, oh yeah, and if you just want the tiniest thing changed the cost can be astronomical!

The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way. At Ecourse Domination we have structured a system that offers a professional web design service that is tailored to your needs without breaking the budget. We can design your pages to look and behave exactly the way you want them to.

We use ClickFunnels for all of our websites. No matter whether we are building a site to promote our own products, services and courses, or designing a site for our clients, ClickFunnels is our platform of choice. And there's a reason for that. They offer the most functionality for the price, plus they are constantly updating and improving their platform.
Using ClickFunnels we can keep our design, development and management fees at an affordable price. You see, if you sign up for ClickFunnels using our affiliate link we will actually channel the majority of our affiliate commission back to you in discounted design and maintenance services.

Web design services are charged depending on the number of web pages that require development and how much additional work you require us to do - writing sales copy, designing images and logos etc.

As an example, a basic website with a lead opt-in page, sales page, order and order confirmation page, plus private members area for the delivery of your course would start at $500*. This assumes that you are providing all the images and text for the pages and have signed up for your ClickFunnels membership using our affiliate link.

*Please note that the $500 fee covers page design only. The standard ClickFunnels membership is currently priced at $97 per month. If you join ClickFunnels using our affiliate link you will receive a $300 credit towards page updates, additional pages, copywritting and graphic design.

You can be up and running with your own fully functional website in a matter of hours for an initial investment of just $597.

Minimum contract term is 12 months. Minimum investment (including 12 months ClickFunnels membership) is $1664.

Here are just a sample of the pages we can design for you -
Sales Page
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Lead Magnet Optin
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Webinar Optin Page
click to enlarge
Evergreen Webinar Replay Page
click to enlarge
Course Delivery Membership Area
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Are You Ready To Let Us Take The Headaches Out Setting Up Your Course Online?
Yes, this is our affiliate link. Remember joining with our affiliate link entitles you to discounted services plus a $300 per year credit towards any additional work you need done to your site.

This link sets you up with a 14 day free trial.
Send me an email at Tim@EcourseDomination.com setting out what you would like your website to include and we can schedule a time to get on Zoom or Skype and discuss your needs.

Then based on the specifications you provide, I will either be able to give you a quote on the spot or provide you with a formal quote within 2 business days.
Want To Start Writing Your Own Sales Copy But Don't Know Where To Start?
Introducing FunnelScripts
FunnelScripts is my go-to tool anytime I need to produce sales copy. This is an amazing piece of software and yes, I'm about to share my affiliate link with you -

But seriously, I use this tool everyday to produce the copy for sales pages, video sales letters, Facebook ads, headlines, bullets, special report titles, tweets, email subject lines.... well truly the list goes on and on.

FunnelScripts is like having a professional copywriter in your pocket. Check it out today, it will save you time and a lot of money...
Do You Want to Make Your Online Course Sales Pages Really POP!?
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Nothing Brings Your Pages To Life More Than Professional Product Images
We can produce high quality, professional product mock-up images for your online course, home study course as well as mock-ups for special reports and books as well as video and audio files.

Our prices are competitive and delivery is usually within 2 business days.

Pricing starts at $8 for a single product image and package deals are also available.

We can place your image on mock-ups of boxes, device screens, DVD/CD's, DVD/CD cases, books - hardcover and paperback plus spiral bound notebooks. All you need to do is upload the completed image and place it on your website.

Images are supplied in .PNG format with a transparent background unless you specify otherwise. 

We have hundreds of designs to choose from and each design can be further customised to meet your needs.

We will be making a catalogue available for download in due course, in the meantime here is just a sample of what we can produce for you...

Course Device Display
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Module Display
click to enlarge
Paperback Book (Thin)
click to enlarge
Special Report (Magazine)
click to enlarge
Workbook (Notebook Style)
click to enlarge
Paperback Stack with Tablet
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More image styles plus full catalogue coming soon...
For more information or to request a quote please email me at

If you would like to be notified when the product image catalogue has been released or to request a preview of a specific layout just send me an email.
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